Where does Bouteka come from?

Bouteka is the result of a friendship born during our bachelor's degree in management economics at the Haute Ecole de Gestion de Fribourg, as well as the materialization of a common desire to create a company whose goal is a positive impact according to our values.

Sensitive to the protection of our planet and to the respect of each and everyone, we, Noureddine, Romeo, Alexis, had the idea of creating Bouteka to bring our contribution in the form of a real experience to the sustainable transition of our society. both ecologically and humanly.

It was in the spring of 2020 that the Bouteka idea germinated in our heads as part of an economic innovation course for our bachelor's degree. Following this first fictitious elaboration of the project, a concrete development phase follows with the help of the organization for young Friborg start-ups Fri Up. In the fall of 2020, we are selling our first baskets for Friborg students on the Pérolles university campus. Since that day, more than 1,500 baskets have been ordered and eaten that have helped promote healthy, responsible and affordable food.

With our experience of almost 2 years of delivering agricultural baskets for students, Bouteka is now embarking on a new adventure in order to offer the possibility to employees of Friborg companies to have a real triple positive impact.

La team Bouteka


Energetic and curious by nature, Alexis is interested in various fields such as music, sport, gastronomy, and especially sustainability. For a few years now, this desire to preserve the environment has turned into a driving force for its various projects. With Bouteka, he wishes to promote, transmit and democratize his sustainable vision of the economy of tomorrow by having a real impact on the behavior of citizens. A healthy and sustainable diet being one of the pillars of the ecological transition that our society must face, it is high time to change our unequal and obsolete food system.


Having grown up and always lived in Fribourg, Noureddine wishes through his actions to bring more to the city and its inhabitants. Motivated by the desire to make a difference and with the aim of taking part in the current societal momentum, he is convinced that a company like Bouteka can position itself as a consumer alternative while advocating a social economic model at the service of its community. For Noureddine, Bouteka answers a key question these days: How do we consume? The question of food is particularly important, because it concerns us all. It is an opening that allows consumers to question their habits and how it is possible to simply change them.


Originally from Ticino, Romeo moved to Friborg for studies after having traveled the world. He is fluent in five languages and has a creative and innovative spirit, which he loves to use for sustainable initiatives. The sensitivity to ecology and the love for healthy cooking pushed him to create the Bouteka project in order to contribute in his own way to the creation of tomorrow's society, happy and responsible.

Our values and our commitments

Bouteka is not a simple company like the others. Indeed, we are committed to respecting 3 key principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy in order to be a real company with a societal goal but also other values that are dear to us.

Purpose at the service of the community


Socio-environmental impact is the goal that motivates and drives Bouteka - not profit maximization. Its desire is to bring added value to the community.

Limited profit


The profit made by Bouteka comes from activities in line with the general interest and the common good. It cannot be oversized or individually appropriated.

Respect for the environment and people


Respect is at the center of Bouteka's activities. We are extremely close to our partners, treat them with dignity and trust, and strive to give them as much visibility as possible. Bouteka also aims to limit its ecological footprint as much as possible for the sake of preserving our dear planet.



We guarantee transparent communication on the origin of our products as well as on the nature of our activities.



Diversity is the strength of Nature, let's take advantage of it by discovering the richness of Friborg organic farming!



Whether small, large, ugly or misshapen, we accept all fruits and vegetables from our partners. At Bouteka, no place for waste



All our relationships are based on a climate of trust and mutual respect



All the products we offer come from a radius of 35 km from Fribourg-Centre

Our mission

1. Offer Fribourgeois a model of responsible, healthy and affordable food consumption

2. Revalorize the work of local farmers and craftsmen

3. Promote environmental awareness by providing a transparent, engaging and fun customer experience

Our vision

In the long term, Bouteka wishes to become a benchmark alternative to the current mode of food consumption and thus actively contribute on its own scale to the renewal of a social and responsible economy, as well as to the preservation of Swiss natural resources.

We are convinced that by scrupulously following our mission and remaining faithful to our values, we can bring about a real change in the current mode of consumption, for the happiness of each and everyone, and that of our planet.

Our references

Winner of the Sustainable Innovation Prize of the City of Friborg 2021

Member of FriUp's “Student Venture Programm” support program, since 2020

Co-organizer of the conference “Building short food circuits together” with the artisans of the Transition, 2021

Food partner for the 30th anniversary Jubilee of the Haute Ecole de Gestion de Fribourg, 2022

Our clients