Triple positive impacts


Why choose Bouteka?

A real time saver

directly available at your workplace

A true positive ecological impact

engage in a concrete approach for sustainable development

A reconnection with nature

support the local agricultural economy and preserve Fribourg' nature

Our partners

At Bouteka, we attach great importance to the revaluation of the work of local farmers and artisans. We aim to contribute to the renewal of the local economy with an economic model that respects their needs, the environment and promotes sustainable development.

We are proud to have such a network of partners which allows us to guarantee a high quality service with a positive socio-environmental impact!


Fäschtus' Biohof, Giffers 12 km
Bio-Seeland, Büchslen 23 km
Arbothévoz, Russy 17 km
Selfpick Schiffenen 14 km

the km represent the distance between
the center of Fribourg and our partner.


Pastabate, Blue Factory 0 km
Brut Bakery, Fribourg 0 km
Laudato Si', Posieux 7 km

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