Martin Krebs, Self-pick Schiffenen

Martin Krebs, Self-pick Schiffenen

Martin Krebs is a farmer from the canton of Friborg and owner since 2009 of the Schiffenen farm and the Self-Pick Schiffenen. Before that, Martin had already worked for the Schiffenen farm as an employee since 1999.

The Schiffenen farm certainly does not hold the organic label, but nevertheless strictly follows the organic guidelines by excluding any use of synthetic chemicals (OGN) and by limiting the use of inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides ). Several reasons justify this choice, in particular the desire to move things in the right direction.

“We are working on the future”

His main motivation in his activities, he explains it as follows:

“Finding a new path for the agricultural field that respects nature and is validated as the organic method but which allows a yield similar to current traditional agriculture.“

As for his opinion on the importance of the local economy, Martin also thinks that there are important changes to be made:

“In general, the distribution channels for food products are far too long”

But then, how to make the population understand that local consumption is beneficial for all and not only for local producers?

“We always explain to people who buy wine that they should drink it where the grapes grow, well it's the same for agricultural products! In my opinion, you don't have to look any further than that.”

Defender of the local economy, it is above all for this that Martin appreciates collaborating with Bouteka.