Adrian Vonlanthen, Fäschtus Biohof, Giffers

Adrian Vonlanthen, Fäschtus Biohof, Giffers

The following article introduces you to one of our partner farmers, Adrian Vonlanthen, who is dynamic and full of energy.

Adrian has been the owner of this family farm located in Giffers a few steps from Friborg since 2001 and his farm has been certified organic since 2008 and demeter since 2019. At Fäschtus' Biohof, it is a real agricultural ecosystem that can be found : 80 dairy cows, dozens of hens, and fields on all sides. And in its fields are grown various seasonal products such as potatoes, salads, fennel, kohlrabi, but also its specialties, namely white and green asparagus and strawberries. You can also go and harvest the strawberries yourself at Adrian's during the season in a very friendly atmosphere! The Vonlanthen family also produces its own cereals and pasta, as well as its own spelled and flour.

“We are convinced that we must conserve the soil in a sustainable way for our descendants.”

Adrian is convinced of the need to produce organically but also of the way agriculture should work, namely in the form of cycles.

“With our dairy cows, we also prove that we can produce something for society. We use the soil, then give something back to it. And it is thanks to this cycle that it is possible to produce milk, cereals, fruits and vegetables.”

When asked what his daily motivation is, Adrian replies that for him, being a farmer was an intuition.

“You learn to be a farmer up to a certain point. But you don't become a professional farmer by learning. We are farmers with mind and soul. You have to live it.”

For him, his profession in itself is a source of daily motivation and he believes that working every day in nature is the most beautiful thing one can have on Earth.

Our dear passionate farmer also explains to us that seasonal consumption is of paramount importance and that we tend to forget it. This goes hand in hand with local consumption. If we consume local, we consume seasonally.

As for the similarities between his farm and Bouteka, Adrian tells us that he too has had this desire to change things since he was young. He has always tried new crops, new techniques, and thinks that we share this "pioneering spirit".

“You are young, you are innovative. You also want to shake things up with Bouteka. This pioneering spirit connects us.”

Finally, on the subject of the message he would like to convey to young people, Adrian shares with us his wish that they realize the importance of seasonal consumption and that, for this, he would like young people to come once in the fields to realize for themselves what it is to be a farmer and to take on this responsibility of feeding the population.