About us

Where does Bouteka come from?

It is a project developed as part of a final year Bachelor's course at the Haute Ecole de Gestion. We, Noureddine, Romeo, Kushtrim and Alexis, wanted to develop a project adapted to the needs and lifestyle of students in Fribourg. Sensitive to the protection of our planet and to the respect of each and everyone, we had the idea of creating Bouteka to really bring a contribution and a unique experience supporting the sustainable transition of our society both on an ecological and human level.

A new kind of business model

Bouteka is not a simple company like any other. In fact, Bouteka has committed itself, through the foundation contract, to be a company with a societal goal and thus move towards the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) movement. As a result, several key principles guide Bouteka's actions.

Aiming to serve the community

The societal goal is the objective that motivates and drives Bouteka - not profit maximisation. Its mission is to bring added value to the student and agricultural community.

Limited lucrativity

The profit made by Bouteka comes from activities that are in the general interest and in the interest of the common good, and cannot be disproportionate or individually appropriate.

Respect for the environment and the individual

Respect is at the centre of Bouteka's activities. We are extremely close to our partners, treat them with dignity and trust, and strive to give them as much visibility as possible. Bouteka also aims to limit its ecological footprint as much as possible out of concern for the preservation of our beloved planet.

Our vision

Firstly, the will to offer organic and local products to students in Fribourg in a way that is adapted to their needs. By applying a sensible and reasonable margin, we are able to offer baskets at particularly advantageous rates for the students' budget, while also guaranteeing the usual margin to farmers.

Secondly, the determination to offer, through our concept, a revaluation of the work of local farmers by regularly highlighting them, cultivating a long-term relationship of trust with them, and offering a close contact between producers and customers in order to bring them together around the issues of sustainability that affect us all.

In this way, Bouteka will contribute to the renewal of the local economy by supporting farmers with a business model that respects their needs and the environment.

Our mission

In the long term, Bouteka aims to become a recognised alternative to current consumption patterns and thus contribute to the transition of our society towards a more sustainable economy with a consequent and measurable impact.

Dreaming and determined at the same time, we even hope to become a reference in this field and thus play a real role in favour of sustainable development by offering Bouteka baskets to all students in Switzerland!

Where to find us